Resan fram och tillbaka Historiska museet / Riksutställningar 2011-2014

Traveling exhibition produced by Riksutställningar in cooperation with Historiska museet (Historical museum) in Stockholm.

Titel at the exhibition: Resan fram och tillbaka (The trip back and forth)

Year: 2011-2014

I made an installation / capsule under one of the exhibition's themes called "Känslan" ("The Feeling") in collaboration with Riksutställningar. The exhibition was touring at different museums around Sweden between 2011-2014, starting at the Historiska museet (Historical museum) in Stockholm 2011. The exhibition was aimed primarily at children between 6 and 11 years. 

Size: 2,7 x 4 x 4 meter

Material: Glass fiber reinforced polyester plastic, gelcoat, aluminum, paint, acrylic glass, vinyl plastic film, vinyl paint, cloth, foam, artificial leather, plywood, velvet, MDF board, styrofoam, glass fiber reinforced plaster, flap and led lighting.

Photographer: Max Plunger